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Busy month for Lancaster and Morecambe Athletics Club includes Three Bridges 10K results

Members of Lancaster and Morecambe Athletics Club

Lancaster and Morecambe Athletics Club have had an eventful few weeks including their own Three Bridges 10K and many other races.

A total of 204 runners competed in the Three Bridges race in Lancaster on April 16. Here are the results for the club’s members:

Matthew McVey 41.35

Paul Gillon 42.28

Elizabeth Lake 46.09

Christian Remy 47.20

Che McGarvey-Gill 49.06

Katy Kelton 50.01

David Wilkinson 51.51

Anne Carmen 57.50

Nicola Barnes 57.50

Charles Satterly 59.07

Layla Westwell 1.00.31


The Manchester Marathon took place on the same day, with ten people from LMAC competing, with some very good finishing times:

Adam Elkin 3.10.10

Mikes Roy 3.17.37

Tom Nixon 3.18.11

Jonathan Fish 3.20.36

Mary Heald 3.22.29

Robert Clayton 3.58.13

Edie Shemilt-Griffiths 3.59.32

Simon Marsden 4.20.33

Tony Jeffrey 4.45.37

Susan Hodgson 5.37.13


The April marathons began in April 2, with runners taking part in races abroad.

Carole and David Wilkinson ran the Ibiza Marathon in 4.18.33 and 4.55.17, and Robin Sharp completed the Paris Marathon in 3.55.47.


Four LMAC members ran the London Marathon on April 23:

John Brassington 2.58.45

Steve Perry 3.47.00

Liz Smith 4.32.42

Greg Lambert 4.59.11


Five LMAC members ran in the Lancaster’s ‘Race to the Castle’ 10k event on April 2.

Josh Harlion-Evans 38.32

Christian Remy 48.08

Nicola Barnes 58.15

Catherine Douglas 58.15

Gurb Dillon 58.59


12 LMAC runners went to Calder Vale on April 7 to run the village’s 10 mile race.

Tori Nixon 1.11.24

Mark Simmill 1.24.05

Louise Goddard 1.24.42

Christina McGuire 1.27.36

Carole Wilkinson 1.30.47

Emily Stapleton 1.32.33

David Wilkinson 1.37.03

Catherine Douglas 1.39.47

Steve Perry 1.39.48

Gurb Dillon 1.41.14

Billy Gardner 1.44.25

Elaine Simmill 1.45.23


The Salford 10K took place on the same day:

Beau Smith 32.33

Mark Leadbeatter 33.45

Mikes Roy 39.00


On April 15, the Lakeland Trails’ Hawkshead runs took place, with LMAC being represented in both the 10K and 16K runs.

In the 10K, Miriam and David Rosen finished in 1.42.42 and 1.53.32 respectively, and in the 16K, Erwin Kalis, Russell Wareing and Christina McGuire finished with times of 1.39.43, 1.45.41 and 1.47.02.


The Wray Scarecrow 10K on April 22 race saw six runners from LMAC take part.

Thomas McGrattan 43.01

Peter Lloyd 45.17

Christina McGuire 48.51

Mark Simmil 49.25

David Wilkinson 52.20

Elaine Simmil 59.59


In the latest edition of LMAC’s Power of 5K races on April 21, Beau Smith, Graham Dent and Milo Wrennals finished in 15.21, 19.31 and 20.43 respectively.

In the Sheriff 10K Scorton race, there were eight runners from LMAC, including first place female Lauren Gora and first place in Female Veteran 65 category, Christine Perry.

Graham Dent 43.14

Lauren Gora 44.23

David Wilkinson 51.43

Miriam Maher 51.53

Carole Wilkinson 54.46

Catherine Douglas 56.32

Christine Perry 1.00.37

Stephen Perry 1.00.37


Finally, dozens of LMAC runners took part in the annual Ripley Supper Run:

Matthew Guilder 22.37

Peter Heald 24.25

Graham Dent 26.19

Rob Clayton 26.40

Peter Lloyd 27.20

Andrew Firkins 27.21

Erwin Kalis 29.33

David Wilkinson 30.18

Mark Simmill 30.21

Katy Kelton 30.31

Christina McGuire 30.36

Louise Wareing 30.47

Miriam Maher 32.01

Emily Stapleton 32.21

Patrick Corbett 32.55

Alexandra Mounsey 32.56

Carole Wilkinson 32.58

Stephen Perry 34.07

Charles Satterly 34.47

Catherine Douglas 35.10

Christine Perry 36.20

Elaine Simmill 36.21

Anne Carmen 36.42

Nicola Barnes 37.43

Steve Walsh 37.48

Allan Sumner 38.11

Faith Firkins 38.43

Gurb Dillon 41.52

Billy Gardner 41.52

Mark Leadbeatter 42.16

Vanessa Chapman 45.41

Joanne Sumner 46.33

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