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How to Make Shy Employees Feel More Confident

You can't expect all your employees to be outgoing and vocal. Others are quiet and would rather keep things to themselves. You can't blame them for their personality, but you can encourage them to speak more.

After all, you need proactive employees. If they're too shy, they won't even bother to say anything. These employees might have wonderful ideas, but they need someone pushing them to say something. Here are some tips to encourage them to feel more confident.

Never judge

Some employees keep quiet because they don’t want to be wrong. They worry about saying something that could humiliate them. They would rather keep things to themselves than take the risk. However, creating a safe space where no one gets judged for doing something wrong is a step in the right direction.

Be open to ideas

The problem with some leaders is they want to listen to employees, but they already have the final decision. It could be another reason why some won’t bother talking. They know that their ideas won’t matter anyway. It’s not that they’re shy, but they hate wasting time and resources. They distrust you as a leader, and this culture must change.

Give leadership opportunities

Don't rely on the same person to manage the team when you have upcoming projects. You may also give a chance to someone else. If you intend to organise a funfair activity, ask your shyest employee to take the lead. The good thing is it's easy since professionals like those from https://www.wearetricycle.co.uk/ can provide the necessary supplies. The assigned leader only needs to coordinate a few things and ensure everything arrives on time. The successful implementation of a project can boost someone’s confidence.

Tell your employees to be respectful

It's inevitable to have employees with an overwhelming personality. They can draw attention to themselves. Unfortunately, they will also leave no air for others to breathe. You must not let these employees dominate the conversation, as such behaviour prevents the rest from giving it a shot. There must be respect in the team. With this culture change, quiet employees will start speaking up.

Open your doors for private conversations

It's a problem when you only talk to your employees during meetings. You don't know them personally or don't even bother doing it. You want to know them beyond the surface. You should also see their strengths and weaknesses. Then, you will realise why some people act a certain way in the process. You will understand why you have a quiet employee, for example. It's easier to plan the next step once you have a deep understanding of the employees. So, even if you're busy, you must make time to talk.

You can’t change people overnight. Some personalities are too embedded in individuals, and you can’t push them to do something immediately. You must be patient. Encourage behavioural changes until your employees are comfortable. Then, assess the improvement, and don’t forget to commend them for stepping up. Anything is possible if you give everyone a chance.

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