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John McGuinness "elated" as he reaches peak speed in TT finale

Morecambe motorcycle legend John McGuinness was elated with his performance in the grand finale of this year's TT races.

'The Morecambe Missile' placed seventh in Saturday's Senior TT race in the Isle of Man, his third Top 10 finish of the week, reaching peak speed of 131mph in the roasting heat.

At 51 years of age, and after rebounding from leg, rib and vertebrae injuries caused by a crash in 2017, McGuinness was delighted to be competitive in the race he's won on seven occasions.

McGuinness also said "why not?" when asked whether he might return to the TTs in 2024.

Following Saturday's race, John was interviewed by Bennetts Bike Social and was asked how he felt when he finished the race.

"It is elation, relief. I've crossed that line so many times in the Senior and when you see that chequered flag you think I'm done, I'm OK, I'm in one piece, I've had a good result," he said.

"Seventh place, I can deal with that. That's fine. I did 130s, 131 (mph) on the last lap. I'm a little bit behind the leading guys but that's just where it is, I'm afraid.

"But to do 226 miles in that heat. It's humid. But the conditions were beautiful. I've never known a TT like this.

"I've really enjoyed the fortnight. I've enjoyed every minute of it. Three solid finishes.

"In 2017 I had to grow 52mm of my leg back. In 2018 I still couldn't ride. 2019 was a disaster. Then Covid, (you think) am I ever going to do it again?

"I've come back to hold my own. I'm proud of what we've achieved, my family, my team...we're all on the same page. It's been a joy to do it."

When asked if he will return for the TTs in 2024, John replied:

"Just had a little conversation with the (Honda Racing) team in there. Why not? If they give me a ride, I'll probably have another do."

Speaking to Manx Radio, McGuinness said: "That's an honest result for me. I think I did 131. It's the pace I've been when I've been at my best a few years ago."

Peter Hickman won Saturday's race, with Dean Harrison second and Michael Dunlop third.

Dunlop has overtaken McGuinness during this year's TTs to now lie second in the all-time standings with 25 wins around the Isle of Man circuit, just behind his late uncle Joey with 26.

John, who has 23 overall wins, finished sixth in the RST Superbike race behind Dunlop on June 4, and eighth in the RL 360 Superstock race on June 9.

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