The ceremony honoured brave members of the public who have placed themselves in dangerous situations, carrying out courageous and selfless acts to help protect others, defend their communities, prevent, and detect crime and actively assist the police.

The incident happened in January 2023 on a cold and blustery day in Morecambe during rain and high winds.

Andy and a group of guests having breakfast in the Midland’s Sun Terrace restaurant saw a person lying on the beach.

Whilst a fellow nominee out walking their dog called an ambulance, they all made their way towards the casualty, where the gravity of the situation became quickly apparent.

With water already lapping against her face, the group managed to help the woman to her feet and started walking and carrying her out of danger, through water that was rapidly cutting off their route back.

Joined by two officers from Lancashire Police as they had to negotiate through water several feet deep, it took the group 25 minutes to get the woman to the safety of a waiting ambulance.

In that time, the beach they had walked across to get to her had become fully submerged.

Their actions meant that the woman could be treated and back home with her family that day.

They "undoubtedly saved that woman’s life" said Chris Rowley, Lancashire chief constable.

“I want to thank them for the incredible bravery that day. They acted quickly, and prioritized saving a vulnerable person, risking their own safety to do so.”

The ceremony was held in Sheffield in November.

Mr Lemm said: “The evening was an amazing event with every Chief Constable from the country was in attendance. Each incident was read out in detail and the award winners invited up to be presented their award, many of the stories were of incredible bravery.

“I feel a little embarrassed as all I did was get someone off a beach before the tide fully came in! But it was an amazing honour to be given the award and listen to some of the amazing stories of the other winners.

“The added bonus was extra dad points with my daughter, who is a police officer in Kent. She was very proud!"

One of the hotel guests involved in the rescue was Steven Dennett, who was presented with his award by Sgt David Forshaw of Lancashire Police at the Midland last month.

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