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INTERVIEW: Massive Wagons front man speaks out against social media abuse

Baz Mills from Massive Wagons

The front man of Lancaster rock band Massive Wagons has spoken out against social media abusers during an interview with Beyond Radio.

Baz Mills was talking on The Indie Rock Heaven Show with Tim Fernandez on Saturday night.

Earlier this month, Massive Wagons scored a UK number six album with their new release 'Triggered'.

One of the songs on the album is called 'F___ the Haters' and Baz told Tim that it was a message to users of social media who make abusive comments about others.

LISTEN to Baz Mills from Massive Wagons on the Indie Rock Heaven show

"The topic of the song is about not taking any notice of other people," said Baz.

"Social media is everywhere now. People don't see any problem with abusing other people online, and we wanted to tackle that, really.

"The bigger you become and the bigger presence you have online the more open you are to these awful comments.

"I've got to be honest, a few years ago it really bothered me, I was really upset about these comments.

"I have conditioned myself, I don't care at all anymore, it's hilarious.

"The more people that don't like you, that just means your band is getting bigger, and you're reaching more people. That's what I told myself anyway. I just laugh it off nowadays.

"It's terrible, it shouldn't be there. Some people can't laugh it off, and it affects people badly. It's not good."

Baz also spoke about

  • Writing songs during the Covid pandemic
  • The band's new song 'Please Stay Calm'
  • Returning to touring
  • The new album 'Triggered'
  • The band's musical roots in Lancaster

The album is the second consecutive release by the group to hit the Top 10, after 'House of Noise' reached number nine in 2020.

Prior to that, 'Full Nelson' made number 16 in 2018.

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Here are Massive Wagons performing live at the Alhambra in Morecambe earlier this year.

You can hear The Indie Rock Heaven Show with Tim Fernandez every Saturday night at 6pm on Beyond Radio.

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