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BIG FIGHT COUNTDOWN: Tyson Fury's most memorable Morecambe moments

Tyson Fury will once again put global attention on his adopted hometown of Morecambe when he fights for the undisputed heavyweight title this weekend.

The world famous boxer has made his home in the Morecambe area for more than 15 years and has repeatedly said he wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Tyson told Beyond Radio in 2023: "I like Morecambe and if I didn't, I wouldn't live here.

"People ask why do you live in Morecambe? Because I want to.

"Usually what happens is, when someone makes a few quid, they want to move from where they were originally and they want to get away from who they are. Me, I made a few quid and I stayed exactly where I was.

"I bought my first house on Osborne Road in Morecambe, two-bedroom, it was a bungalow, then I moved from there down to Hest Bank on the front, then I moved back to Morecambe, so I've moved literally half a mile from my first house.

"I don't get mithered here as much as I would do in big cities. If I do leave Morecambe, it wouldn't be to a different UK town, it would be to a different country, for sure."

Tyson is pictured below shooting a promotional video at the Winter Gardens in Morecambe.

'The Gypsy King' has done a huge amount to promote the Morecambe Bay area over the years and this will continue when he fights Oleksandr Usyk in the 'Fight of the Century' in Saudi Arabia this Saturday.

Fury will be announced to the ring as being from Morecambe in front of a worldwide audience of millions.

The charismatic star has also been constantly name-checking his adopted home town during interviews with the world's media, ahead of the biggest fight in boxing.

And since moving to the Morecambe area in 2008, Fury has done much to keep his Lancashire seaside home in the public eye.

Here are just some of Tyson's most memorable Morecambe moments. 


Rocky-style run on the Prom

Most people remember the build-up to Tyson's world heavyweight title fight with Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 for the time he arrived at a press conference dressed as Batman.

But that wasn't the only time Fury grabbed the headlines in the run-up to his history-making win over the long-reigning Klitschko.

Tyson infamously said at the time that he wanted to stand to be MP for Morecambe.

He also put Morecambe Promenade on the map by openly inviting fans to accompany him on training runs and was even joined one time by a certain member of the local press (see below).

Boxing on the beach

In summer 2020, Tyson and his dad John caused a stir when they held a public workout on Morecambe beach.

A large crowd gathered to watch as the WBC Champion donned his boxing gloves and hit the pads in a full training routine in the open air.

Fury's fans sang along with him to his signature song 'American Pie' and chanted 'Fury! Fury!' and 'You big dosser!' as he worked out in the Morecambe Bay sunshine.

Hair today, back tomorrow

In summer 2022, shortly after announcing his temporary retirement from boxing, Tyson Fury hinted that he might be willing to fight again - while having his head shaved at a Morecambe barber's.

The WBC world heavyweight boxing champion was speaking during an interview filmed while he had a haircut at K1 Barbers on Euston Road near the town centre.

Fury answered questions from his promoter Frank Warren and interviewer Dev Sahni via video call as he sat in the barber's chair.

The undefeated Morecambe-based champion had announced his retirement from professional boxing after beating Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium that April and at the time, was adamant that he would keep to his word.

But in the interview aired on the Queensberry Promotions YouTube channel on Tuesday night, he revealed that he might be willing to enter talks to fight again. 

And indeed, he did!

Gypsy King of the Mazuma

In 2022, Tyson struck a deal to sponsor Morecambe Football Club.

Fury became a sponsor for the Morecambe players' shorts and later also sponsored the Morecambe FC Women's team.

Morecambe FC said joining forces with the heavyweight king would bring "worldwide recognition" to the then-League One club.

During an interview later that year, Fury, who trains at his gym at the Mazuma Mobile Stadium complex, also said that he'd been offered the chance to buy the Shrimps.

But he told Beyond Radio in 2023: "I got asked would I want to buy the club, basically I said no, I'm not interested, that was it, and the papers will make what they will of it."

'Pick that litter up you big dosser!'

In 2023 Tyson dealt a knockout blow on shocked litter louts in Morecambe town centre.

The WBC Heavyweight Champion pulled off an 'Ant and Dec' style practical joke warning people not to throw used chewing gum on the floor during a filming session outside the Arndale shopping centre.

A 'trash talking' bin with Tyson's face on it stunned passers by in New Town Square - as the champ's actual voice came booming from it!

"Oi, pick that up!" he yelled as people dropped litter, then turned around startled, wondering where the warning was coming from.

Fury was hidden inside the nearby closed-down former Jerome Celebration Cakes shop, using a microphone to call out litter louts.

People were stunned when the 6ft 9in champ himself then came rushing out of the shop to meet them, to encourage them to use his bin and to hand out his own branded chewing gum and cans of his energy drink Furocity!

At Home with the Furys

In summer 2023 a reality show about the life of Tyson featuring stunning footage of Morecambe became the number one rated show on Netflix.

At Home with the Furys followed the world heavyweight boxing champion, his wife Paris and their children as they went about their daily lives in the seaside town.

The beauty of Morecambe Bay was also front and centre, with numerous stunning shots of the coastline, beach and Promenade.

Many local businesses and landmarks appeared on the series too, including the Morecambe Hotel, Sunnyside Campsite, St Mary's Church in Poulton, the Midland Hotel, K1 Barber's on Euston Road, Keegan's coffee shop in Poulton Square, Atkinson's chippy on Albert Road, Salt Ayre tip, and the Uniform and Leisurewear shop.

Tyson is pictured below in the Morecambe Hotel with his brother Tommy Fury (image: At Home with the Furys)

They did it their way

In March 2024, the WBC Champion sang a duet with a 99-year-old veteran of the D-Day landings while on a surprise visit in Morecambe.

Fury stopped by at the Armed Forces Veterans' Coffee Morning at Morecambe Football Club where he met Norman James Earp Smith.

The WBC Heavyweight Champion and the Second World War hero then launched into an impromptu sing-song!

"I hear you like a little bit of Frank Sinatra," said 'The Gypsy King' to Mr Smith, while sitting beside him in JB's Bar at the club.

When Norman said he liked singing 'My Way', Fury said: "Go on, let's hear it!" and the two men sang together.

"He's unbelievable!" said the boxing champion, who is renowned for singing in the ring after his big fights.

Norman, pictured below with Tyson, celebrated his 100th birthday in May.

Tyson brings 'Fight of the Century' media day to Morecambe FC

Press conferences for the biggest fights usually take place in the boxing capitals of the world like Las Vegas, Riyadh or London.

But in April 2024, Tyson Fury insisted that the media day for his 'Fight of the Century' with Oleksandr Usyk be held in little old Morecambe!

The Mazuma Mobile Stadium was the setting as Fury, his promoter Frank Warren, trainer Sugar Hill and manager Spencer Brown answered questions from the world's media, in an event streamed across the globe.

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