Mel Mount

Some things about Mel:

Favourite smell - garlic.. I know freaky..
Last time I cried .. can't Remember
Favourite pizza - hot and spicy
Favourite Flower - none
Favourite dog breed - labs
Untie laces before shoes come off - yeah
Roller Coasters - bigger the better
Favourite ice cream - mint chip
Shorts or jeans - Jeans
What are you listening to - Ncis
Colour of your vehicle - grey blue
Colour of eyes - Brown
Favourite food - steak
Favourite Holiday - Tenerife
Night owl or morning person - night ðŸ¦‰ 
Favourite day of the week - Mondays  
Do you have a nick name - Lol. Yeah. Mind your own biz
Favourite music - Too many
Tattoos - a few
Favourite movie - Wings of the apache
Favourite school subject - PE ... Art
Person you miss most - My mate Robbo
If you could sit down with anyone famous who would it be .. Elvis
Favourite place to visit ... Beach
Favourite vegetable - none
Favourite season - Summertime
Dream job - ive got it
Favourite Footwear - trainers